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This BOOK Reveals Exercises To Unlock Your Creative Potential

Christoph Weigert

The Secret To Finding Your Life's Purpose And Discovering New Passions

This book reveals the hidden key to all of your wishes, an empowered Imagination.

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  • Find a New Career
  • Reinvent Yourself
  • Revitalize a Project
  • Build New Relationships

Gregangelo Herrera Loves It

"As the Artistic Director of Velocity Circus, my passion is all about opening up fresh channels of creativity, whether with emerging artists searching for their purpose or aging artists seeking to redefine themselves. I vehemently agree with this book in that there is no difference between passion and purpose and only when people commit wholeheartedly and lean into their imaginations can we discover new methods of creation, connection and life purposes."

Gregangelo Herrera

Founder of the Gregangelo Museum in San Francisco

Ready to reach your potential? Let's go!

Too many humans today feel like they’re only going through the motions in life. Not particularly unhappy, but definitely not excited.

Lacking a deep sense of inspiration and ongoing personal growth.

And this translates into unfulfilling careers and lives, but also relationships that disintegrate instead of taking off into new heights.

You feel stuck and think...

  • I can´t learn from a self-help book
  • I´ve never been creative
  • My imagination is blocked
  • I first need to resolve my past/childhood before going towards the future.

The solution is simple yet profound.

You need to understand the role that the creative Imagination plays in your life and actively strengthen it like a muscle - time to stimulate your Imagination!


Imagination: The Secret Nobody Talks About

The Ultimate Book for Infinite Inspiration and Personal Growth.

Imagination, the secret of the great, also helps you to discover new passions, dreams, and life purposes. Or deepen existing ones. And make them a reality.

What You Will Discover Inside This Book

Simple creativity exercises and examples that strengthen your Imagination and bring it to the next level, even if you think you don´t have any Imagination to begin with [chapters 8+9+11]

How the Philosophy of Imagination [chapter 4] influenced Steve Jobs and brought art into the computer industry [chapter 10]

What kills your Imagination. You will thus save years by not getting caught up in this almost universal malady [chapter 6]

Why Buddhism could be dangerous for you [chapter 5]

Common mistakes and myths when it comes to discovering your passions, dreams and life purposes and how to prevent them - so you save time and energy [chapter 3]

How Harry Potter would deal with a Lockdown [chapter 9]

A groundbreaking concept that helps you to stop giving a fuck what other people think of you and thus express yourself more freely, to finally follow your dreams and live your life purposes

A bonus chapter on sex+energy, which reveals the one fundamental element that makes relationships work and how that ties in with you as a creative being

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Did You Know This?

According to a study (Global Creativity Gap by Adobe), 75% of people worldwide feel that they are not living up to their creative (imaginative) potential.

See how 'IMAGINATION' has transformed lives all around the world

Albert Einstein Once Said...

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

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It's time for some fun and mindblowing exercises that will strengthen your imagination to live a life of freedom and creativity!

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